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Super Soap Mechanic's Hand Soap - Paste hand soap


General Information
Super Soap is the original flagship product of the SUPER SOAP LLC. Made for and requested by mechanics and other blue collar workers since 1923, recently bicyclists, gardeners, around-the-house tinkerers have been finding out that Super Soap is the hand soap for the tough after-job clean up. Still made with only natural ingredients, Super Soap is for those who don’t want to damage their skin with solvents and pumice.

Directions For Use
Wet hands (though not necessary). Remove small amount of Super Soap from container. Scrub up. Rinse.

Technical Data

Product Name Super Soap Solubility Mostly soluble
Type of Product A water based hand cleaner Diluent Water
Clarity Opaque % Non-Volatile @
100 degrees C
Color Brown Rinsability Complete
Odor Odeur d’soap pH
(of 1% solution)
SP. GR .98 Viscosity @ 70F Thick paste
Heat Stable Stable to 125 degrees F Flash Point None
Cold Stable Stable to 32 degrees F Dirt Removal Excellent