Super Soap LLC. Environmentally Safe and  Biodegradable cleaning product for home, family and industries.

SUPER SOAP LLC. has been manufacturing in the United States for 80 years, with a commitment to environmentally sound practices. Within our several divisions we make cleaning products for people, fabrics, homes and gardens, pets, and industry. SUPER SOAP LLC. offers custom production services: formulation, manufacture, filling, labeling, and packaging with complete confidentiality if desired.

Super Soap LLC. has a special history. It began manufacturing in San Francisco and has been know and popular since for its environmentally safe and effective mechanics hand soap. It has been a small family business for years and has gradually increased its product line form one to approximately 75 cleaning products (including hand soaps, laundry products, janitorial cleaners, and floor and carpet cleaner) with more to come.

We are known for our custom formulation, custom batching expertise and facilities, flexible and custom packaging abilities, quality control, competitive pricing and most especially our long history of environmental sensitivity.

Super Soap LLC. is committed to producing a quality product with minimum environmental harm. We feel our products should be chemically simple for fast biodegradability and free of animal product testing. We believe that these soaps and simple detergents are effective but also preferable from an environmental point of view.

Super Soap LLC. is the only manufacturer of its type serving both a product need and an economic stimulus to the local economy. Because of its history, unique personnel, and versatile facilities.

We continue to increase our product line with new and safe products and invite your inquiries. Please feel free to call us and request information.