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Super Citrus Magic - Concentrated all-purpose hard surface


General Information
Super Citrus Magic is an industrial strength, biodegradable and environmentally safe citrus cleaner ideal for cleaning grease, grime, oil and other built-up gunk. It is an excellent kitchen cleaner that can be used safely on vinyl floors, glass fixtures, tile and computer top surfaces. It leaves a fresh, clean citus smell after each use.

Directions For Use
Super Citrus Magic is highly concentrated and should be diluted for best results. It can be used with a sponge, sprayer or automatic scrubber. Dilute product as follows :

Surface Super Citrus Magic Water
Kitchen Surfaces: Counters, titles, sinks tables, cabinets, appliances 1 4
Stubborn grease spots 1 2
Painted Surfaces: Walls, doors and molding 1 1
Floors: Linoleum, ceramic tile 1 4

Technical Data

Product Name Super Citrus Magic Diluent Water
Type of Product A orange oil based HD degreaser Solution See dilution table
Clarity Opaque % Non-Volatile @
100 degrees C
Color Light yellow gold Rinsability Complete
Odor Pleasant, orange pH
(of 1% solution)
SP. GR 0.88 Viscosity @ 70F 10cps
Heat Stable Stable to 125 degrees F Flash Point None to boiling
Cold Stable Stable to 32 degrees F Dirt Removal Excellent
Solubility 100% soluble