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Super Soap Product Line
Super Bathroom Cleaner - Industrial strength cleaner & deodorizer


General Information
Super Bathroom Cleaner is a concentrated, biodegradable, non-acid bathroom cleaner. It contains 2% quaternary ammonia. It is excellent for cleaning and deodorizing toilet bowls, urinals and other types of porcelain and ceramic bathroom surfaces. It is effective at removing all stubborn bathroom odors in virtually every type of washroom, either in the home or in hotels, office buildings, restaurants, schools and other public facilities. One gallon of this concentrated cleaner makes 16 Gallons of ready to use cleaner.

Directions For Use
For Toilet Bowls and urinals : Pour 1-2 OZ. of Super Cleaner into bowl. Swab bowl with swab mop. Let stand for several minutes for most effective deodorizing action. Flush toilet and rinse thoroughly.

Technical Data

Product Name Super Bathroom Cleaner Non-Corrosive Viscosity 20cps
Clarity Clear Non-Flammable Deleterious Action On:
Color Blue-Green Glass None
Odor Baby powder Metals None
SP. GR 1.06 Plastics None
(of 1% solution)
7.0 - 8.0 Vinyls None
Grease & Smudge Removal Complete Painted Surfaces None
Flash Point None Wood Excellent
Formulation Special blend of deodorants cleaners and alcohols