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Tea Tree Shampoo - Itch relife


General Information
Tea Tree Shampoo: The Malaeuca plant from Australia, known as "Tea Tree", is a natural herbal remedy long used to soothe and heal skin irritations. In our Itch Relief Formula Tea Tree Shampoo, this marvelous extract--effective as a fungicide, parasitide, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial agent--is combined with the gel of the Aloe Vera plant, an equally remarkable skin treatment from the Americas. Together, these create a wonderfully soothing and gently healing skin and coat cleanser.
All Animal Friendly shampoos come in a handy sprayer bottle to make application of our product easy, even on the undersides of our more wiggly friends.

Can be used safely on all mammals (even humans). Non-toxic. Safe for lawns, septic systems, and storm drains. Not for use on amphibians or reptiles (who rarely need their fur washed).

Contains: deionized water, coconut alkanoalamide, dodecyl sodium sulfate (for gentleness), Malaeuca (Tea Tree) oil, Aloe Vera gel, sodium chloride.

Package size
Because pets come in sizes ranging from teacup to towering, we offer a selection of package sizes, so you can match the amount you need with the surface area of your pet.

All of the shampoos made at Animal Friendly Products are veterinarian tested and approved, biodegradable, and cruelty-free. We donate a percentage of all sales to the preservation of natural habitats.