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Animal Friendly Product Line
Kennel Kleen - Pet environment cleaner & deodorizer


General Information
Kennel Kleen: the toughest cleaner we make, for the toughest messes our friends create. Formulated to clean, debug, and deodorize pet areas of all kinds, from catboxes to carriers, Kennel Kleen eliminates the fungi and bacteria that cause rashes. It can also be used in the laundry cycle to wash animal bedding and to remove stains on colorfast carpeting.
All Animal Friendly products come in handy sprayer bottles to make application a breeze.

Kennel Kleen is formulated to be safe to use in all pet areas; however, it should never be applied directly to any animal. This product may cause eye irritation for pets and people.

Contains: water, denatured alcohol, quaternary ammonium chloride, surfactant.

Package size
Because pets come in sizes ranging from teacup to towering, we offer a selection of package sizes, so you can match the amount you need with the roaming area of your pet.

All of the shampoos made at Animal Friendly Products are veterinarian tested and approved, biodegradable, and cruelty-free. We donate a percentage of all sales to the preservation of natural habitats.